Bosham Parish Council

Useful Documents

The Council works within a framework of a orders, polices and guidelines.  Below are some of these main documents.  


The Parish Council adopted a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme w.e.f. 1st January 2009 (as required by the Information Commissioner).  should you require further information please contact the Parish Clerk, Lisa Roberts on Tel: 01243 57646  4  or

BFPS Emergency Plan2010 Financial Regulations BPC STANDING ORDERS Model Publiction Scheme approved 10 BVDS 17.4.12 low res Code of conduct Polices & Prodcedures Complaints against members Annual Return 2015/16 Conculsion of Audit 2015/16

Audited Accounts 2015/16


Please see the offical notice of the published audited accounts for 2015/16.  This is a true facsimile of the original which can be seen on the notice board outside the Bosham Centre.  You are welcome to come and inspect the accounts by contacting the Clerk Lisa Roberts the Parish Clerk on 01243 576464 or email: