Bosham Parish Council


Flooding from the sea, river and surface water can be a real problem in Bosham. Statutory responsibilities for flooding are clarified thus:-


  • Environment Agency (EA) – flood warnings and maintenance of critical water courses and the corresponding equipment.  


  • WSCC - drain blockages on mayor highways.  


  • CDC - land drainage enforcement of riparian responsibilities and environmental health.            (They are also owners of Bosham Car park).  


  • Southern Water- sewage systems


  • Portsmouth Water - burst water mains.  


Bosham Parish Council – has no statutory responsibility for flooding, but take flooding very seriously and thus have a flood prevention strategy (BFPS).  BPC is very sympathetic to all those who have had adverse effects and keep a record of evidence to hep advise and put pressure on the responsible authorities.



Be Prepared for Flooding


Over 5.5 million properties in the country are vulnerable to flooding. That’s one in six of us. From past and recent incidents many local people know from bitter experience that they are vulnerable, but awareness of the risk gives us a chance to prepare.  It is impossible to completely flood-proof properties but there are things to be done which could reduce the damage.  The key is to act now!


 To find out if your home or business premises is at risk visit

www.environment–  or call Floodline 0845 98811888.

The most important thing is to prepare now by buying and installing flood products in advance. Don’t wait until flooding looks likely as you won’t have time to buy or put the measures in place.


Some protective measures are simple and temporary while others involve permanent structural work. Visit www.environment– for detailed information and advice on the “Prepare your property for flooding” page.


Some points for you to consider:-

  • Take some time to look at the above web-site. There is a most useful personal flood plan form which you can download and fill in now. Once completed it will have a list of the most important telephone numbers you might need.  Having such a document to hand could save valuable minutes at time of potential danger of flooding.


  • Sign up for warnings. Knowing when to put temporary flood protection measures in place is crucial. The free Floodline Warnings Direct service can tell you when to do this by sending you a warning by phone, text and email. Sign up for Floodline Warnings Direct online at or call Floodline on 0845 988 1188.


  • Buying products. There is a variety of products that you can purchase. A comprehensive list of these can be found in ‘The Blue Pages’ directory on the National Flood Forum’s website


The Blue Pages is an independent directory of products, builders, suppliers and insurers. It’s designed to provide information on all aspects of flood protection and resilience products.


If you are thinking about storing sandbags to help in an emergency, it might be worth considering this modern alternative (currently available at Covers), the Hydrosack or Hydrosnake. Sandbags are heavy, difficult to move into place and they do not keep well. This product stores flat until needed and inflates on contact with water.  Visit the following web-site for more information :-  


hydrosack-1 hydrosnake-1 Riparian owners