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Anyone with a garden will have suffered from the lack of rain and the heat this summer. The new plantings along the hedge have suffered as well in some places, but we are happy to report we have only lost two trees and a few whips. We are watering regularly and in fact some trees have flourished and are even bearing fruit. The wild flowers at the entrance to Brooks Lane were particularly lovely earlier in the year. Wild scabious, poppy, ox eye daisy, feverfew, red and white campion, burdock, cocks and hens and many others have been left to seed and we shall be sowing more seed this autumn.


The primroses, foxgloves and bulbs were especially pleasing to many residents so we shall be planting more this September. We hope to enhance the bulbs on Penwarden Way, under the willow on Broadbridge Drive, at the entrance to Brooks Lane and possibly at the head of Walton Lane so please come and join in.


Sept. 3-6th. Preparing the ground. From 10-1pm each day we shall be weeding docks & nettles, digging out locations for the bulbs and digging in some new top soil. Please bring gloves, spades & forks, secateurs and rakes if you have them. No work if it rains hard.


Sept. 8th & 9th. Bulb Planting. Please come for an hour or more sometime between 10-am & 3pm and help put in nearly 1000 bulbs! A trowel or fork and a kneeler are needed. Let’s make a great show for the Spring. If very wet another day will be arranged, so please email us if you think you may be able to come, so that we can let you know an alternative date if it pours or the bulb delivery is delayed.


Path clearing. If you don’t like kneeling please bring a hoe, spade or rake and let’s clean the edges of the paths around the entrance to Brooks Lane & the ‘bus stop. You won’t need to bend at all.


Gentlemen!! We are creating a bug hotel near the willow from tree trunks, but they have to be collected. Can anyone please offer to help load & unload them? Please email one of us to suggest a time & date to suit you.



Margaret ( / 01243 575539)

Jenny ( /07929053617).