Bosham Parish Council






This briefing is to keep you updated on the evolving situation around Coronavirus (now called Covid-19) and the actions being taken in the district.


New guidance has been issued by the government and an update about economic measures has been announced.


The country is effectively on voluntary lockdown.


Support for vulnerable people


West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is the lead for the area’s Vulnerable People’s Plan. WSCC is creating local hubs for groups through their libraries. Those who want to offer support should email  Another option is to contact Voluntary Action Arun and Chichester who can provide advice and guidance, and signpost people to volunteers in their area.


While the majority of people genuinely want to help, there are always some who will take advantage of a difficult situation.  We want people to be on their guard against those who may offer services around shopping and other support who may not be as genuine as they seem. Our advice would be to only take up offers of help from people you know, or from organisations that you are aware of and ask to check any ID.  Please also pass this advice on to others who may be a target for unscrupulous individuals to make sure that we all protect each other during these difficult times.


Issues that are currently being addressed include food poverty, social isolation, financial poverty, ways to prevent fraud against the vulnerable and mental health.


From a housing perspective, CDC are especially looking at support to rough sleepers and those who find themselves homeless.  More information will follow on this shortly and will be available at .


Support for those who are struggling financially


The Government has announced a number of measures that are in place to support employees, benefit claimants and businesses, which are listed in the following link


The Government has also announced that it will be creating a hardship fund for those who are struggling financially. CDC are currently waiting for the guidance on this, in the meantime there are a number of schemes to help residents and businesses. You may find the following links helpful:


Support for businesses


The Government has announced a package of support for businesses and CDC are waiting for further guidance on how this money will be distributed. They are currently pulling together information, including how businesses can access help. Those businesses that are eligible for business rate relief are being contacted.


More  information on this will be placed on CDC website as it becomes availiable at



How residents can help


We live in a generous compassionate district and people are keen to offer support in any way they can. We have seen a rise of groups on social media and in the community looking for ways to help.



• panic buying is unhelpful, please encourage people to buy only what they need.

• please do not stockpile items such as toilet roll, this prevents everyone being able to maintain basic hygiene.

• please support your local foodbank if you are able to.

• check in on elderly and vulnerable neighbours, many may not have access to the internet for latest updates.

• if you are unwell, follow Public Health England advice to stay at home to avoid spreading germs.

• please use  online services at rather than making the journey into Chichester. If you don’t have online access, please call 01243 534734 instead.

• localised community efforts are appreciated, please encourage groups to look at the advice from Public Health England about staying at home (self-isolation) when offering support.

• if any vulnerable residents are concerned about people knocking on their doors, please remind them they do not have to open the door to anyone if they don’t want to.  

• only take up offers of help from people you know, or from organisations that you are aware of and ask to check any ID.