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Household Waste and Recycling Sites.


Some of you may have picked up, Robert Jenrick MP Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government yesterday  (29th April)  said in parliamentary session : "I'm asking councils to plan the organised reopening of household waste collection sites. I expect this to happen over the coming weeks and will be publishing amended guidance shortly."  WSCC have been advised by Defra that the guidance will not be available until next week at the earliest.


Just to provide an update WSCC is in the process of  planning how to reopen sites with the minimum amount of risk to residents and staff pending any guidance. It is anticipated that the guidance will say it is up to individual councils to determine how and when they can safely open sites in such a way as to preserve social distancing. It is expected that the guidance to stress that trips to HWRSs must be for essential reasons only and, if so, WSCC will be supporting that approach and will set out what that means in practice when  any changes are publicised.

It is worth noting that during the month of May we get on average 7500 visits a day across all WSCC  sites in the County, therefore managing this in a safe way for staff and residents is of the upmost  priority.


At the moment West Sussex Sites, along with 98%  of sites in England, remain closed. WSCC respectfully ask residents to store any waste that they would typically take to our sites at home until we are able to safely reopen the sites. We would also strongly advise against burning any kind of waste in your garden, as bonfires can affect residents with lung conditions, such as asthma or bronchitis.


WSCC continues to work with the district and borough councils to ensure regular household waste and recycling collections can continue and as a reminder fly-tipping is both criminal and anti-social.


Urgent Dental Care - you do not have to suffer

21st April 2020 NHS Stakeholder Briefing:


"Across every NHS region a Local Urgent Dental Care system has been created to provide care for people with urgent and emergency dental problems.

Urgent Dental Care centres (also known as hubs) have been set up to meet the distinct needs of people with urgent dental care needs during the current pandemic:


1. Those who are possible or confirmed COVID-19 patients – including patients with symptoms, or those living in their household

2. Those who are ‘shielded’, as being at most-significant risk from COVID-19

3. Those who are vulnerable/at increased risk from COVID-19

4. Any other people who do not fit one of the above categories


The urgent dental care hubs allow appropriate separation and treatment of patients in these four categories.


All patients will need referral by a dentist, this may be a dentist they usually see or another local dental practice which should still be providing phone advice. Each patient will then be triaged by an urgent dental care hub depending on a number of factors and their care managed accordingly. Patients will be assessed as to whether they do need urgent treatment which cannot wait. Where patients are at risk or shielded, then they will be seen in appropriate settings. Where possible and safe, patients may be able to manage the dental problem themselves through taking painkillers or prescribed antibiotics to treat any dental infection. Face to face treatment is available when clinically required."


An urgent dental care hub has been set up in Chichester. To access it, please 'phone a dentist (as above) - there is no drop-in facility, all patients must be referred by a dentist after a telephone assessment.



CDC has created a new Community Guide, which includes important telephone numbers, email addresses and web addresses for key organisations and support groups across the district.


We are hoping that this will provide extra support and reassurance to both residents and community groups at this difficult time.


A direct link to the community guide is here






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